TechSpec can:

- Eliminate sliding up and into the tank, especially with passengers

- Increase and maintain accurate control of weight and body position

- Improve riding style

- Decrease overall body fatigue

- Improve weight adjustment of body and bike while in motion

- Protect a highly visible area of the tank; Improving re-sale value 

- Provide all the benefits of a grip material without damaging leathers

In addition:

All of the TechSpec Gripster pads carry 1 Year Adhesive warranty!


Body and weight control is an essential technique with not only aggressive, performance riding, but also sport and casual touring. By gripping the tank with your legs, you will improve the overall control of your body motion, weight position and posture. With an increase in control, you will experience a smoother, less fatigued, and more enjoyable ride. 

TechSpec Gripster tank pads are currently available in 2 materials, Snakeskin and X-LINE.

We also have limited remaining stock of the discontinued material  HIGH FUSION 

PLEASE NOTE: all Techspec  High Fusion (HF)  

is CLEARANCE stock and  listed with approximately 30% off RRP

until it has gone!

Stocks of these materials are going fast please check with the shop for availability!

PLEASE NOTE -  Pictures of techspec fitted to motorcycles are not representative of what you may receive, they show what is available. Tank Protectors are available separately, frame pieces and gripster pads come in pairs unless otherwise stated. Any queries please call 01298 816633

X-LINE (XL on product code)

XLine tank grips are the neXt generation of TechSpec’s Gripster Tank Grip line. “XLine” is a 3M, microfiber grip material, laminated to TechSpec’s C3 rubber / Releasable Adhesive. The combination is truly a step above in grip technology:

XLine is not a bling bling cosmetic product. 

XLine is a highly functional motorcycle tank grip. 

XLine may fade depending on how aggressive you grip your tank. 

XLines edges may show wear depending on where you place the tank grip. 

XLine testing has proven solid for multiple seasons by highly skilled riders. 

XLine will be the best tank grip you sink your legs into!

Used by multiple top level race teams and riders in Moto2, AMA and more!

Snakeskin (SS on product code) 

 is a basic, .125" thin "GRIP PAD" with a low profile diamond grip pattern. With Snake Skins .125" thickness and the rubber padding properties. One will not only feel excellent GRIP into the tank, less pressure on your wrists, elbows and shoulders, but could also notice a reduction in shock and vibration from the bike and road. TechSpec's Snake Skin, grip pads are an excellent product for all riders and uses TechSpec's personal "Releasable/Reusable adhesive". True quality and a one of a kind product!

High Fusion (HF on product code)

 is a thin (.035") synthetic rubber blend with a simple ruff texture. With High Fusions rubber blend, you will feel a positive grip into your tank, less pressure on your wrists, elbows and shoulders, plus a more solid seat position. High Fusion is an excellent Grip Pad product for all riders and is also excellent for paint and surface area protection. High Fusion uses TechSpec's personal "Releasable/Reusable adhesive". True quality and a one of a kind product!


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