Yamaha Velocity stacks

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  • High Performance Yamaha Velocity Stacks

    High Performance Yamaha Velocity Stacks

    MWR-VS-960 : Velocity stacks for the new 2020-24 R, lower stacks / upper stacks & bolts. The first tests have been done by WSBK & BSB teams showing that the MWR stacks deliver the same power as the official YEC stacks…. Only the YEC stacks are very difficult to obtain and cost around € 2500, -
    The installation instructions are included.

    MWR-VS-900: be sure it is better than the competition!!! They have been tested on track by World Supersport 600 teams to let them compare the new MWR VS against the YEC and all of them chose MWR. No power curves are available, because MWR development was based on track data and feedback from the teams and comparison against others. Due to the construction of the stacks it is quite possible you will need to make the fueling leaner for the upper injectors (high revs) for the two outer cylinders (less fuel blown away so more effective …. higher top-speed).

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