The Scrunchie
Scrunchies used to be popular, but they slide out, wear out fast and are unsightly. In 1999, Hair Glove® developed a ponytail wrap that stays in the hair all day, and doesn't slide out like a scrunchie!
Hairglove design products to be easy to put on and simple to take off & engineer them for maximum comfort. Hairglove patent their products where they can to protect the brand, reputation & quality. Hairglove know they have something that matches your lifestyle!

No more hassles. Just wrap it, snap it and go!

Hairglove Difference

Hairglove No-Slide Flex-Hook™
Inside Hair Glove® and Coverz™ there is a soft Flex-Hook™ that hooks onto your ponytail elastic so you can do what you love without having to constantly redo your hair.
Normally, hairgloves come 8 inch long. You can cut a hairglove down to a size you require.

If you require a longer hairglove than 8 inch, these can be ordered in 12".

you may also want to consider to plat & double your pony tail up inside the hairglove before considering longer than 8" hairglove.


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