Bonamici Clearance

Mar 31, 2020

Speedycom Performance LTD would like to inform all our dealers, customers and race teams who have been loyal to the Bonamici brand and Speedycom for over 10 years that we will be no longer involved with Bonamici as a distributor.

The details of this situation have only been confirmed a short time ago to Speedycom. Disappointingly in that the 2020 business plan that was agreed last November at EICMA is not to be honoured by the company.

Bonamici last year signed a deal with a new distributor which was effective from 1st January 2020 but did not inform Speedycom of the situation and allowed Speedycom to continue ordering and promoting the brand which is very disappointing for all concerned and not the best business practice. We have been informed by the new distributor that he still wishes to supply Speedycom due to the reputation we have for the Bonamici product range which we appreciate.

Speedycom have not at any point received from the owners of the company the courtesy of contacting Speedycom directly to explain the situation or any recognition for the work we have done for the brand for the last 10+ years, only the communication from their helpful PR man Luca.

Speedycom have for over 10 years promoted the brand from unknown to being trusted by international road racers to win the hardest test for any motorcycle  product the Isle of Man TT something that we hoped would be respected by Bonamici. The owners of the company Enrico and Ricardo have visited the TT to see first hand the results achieved.

Despite the issues and restricted delivery times that have cost us a large amount of business and customer satisfaction we have stayed loyal to the Bonamici brand for many years and have watch them grow from a family business to a more serious concern however it has not been reciprocated unfortunately. During this time Bonamici have always produced good products.

We wish them luck in the future and expect the new distributor will support the Bonamici brand to the same committed level  Speedycom have shown. I expect the new distributor will give full support to dealers and teams who continue to use and sell the products along with press coverage.


Speedycom and Road Race Performance Shropshire are now moving forward and are extremely pleased in that we are now working with Valter Moto possibly one of the most respected manufactures in the racing world. Valter Moto have a comprehensive range of products and are a company many aspire to be able to hold the same standards in manufacturing efficiency. This new and exciting venture is a joint one between Road Race Performance Shropshire and Speedycom and we aim to promote Valter Moto to the level where it will receive regular press coverage and news. In addition we look forward to the loyalty indicated by many of the road race teams to move to Valter Moto and thus look forward to putting Valter Moto on the podium.

We will in the near future be launching the Valter Moto range on the Speedycom website and it is available to be viewed on the RRPS.

Please contact us for more information.